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Semi-Official Minecraft Server Empty Semi-Official Minecraft Server

Post by Yuuichi on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:37 am

Tran wrote:So, Project-ITY will now be in charge of running our very own MineCraft server. Once we order a VPS, both Affinity and Minecraft will be using it, making both games dedicated and online twenty four seven. As of this moment, the Minecraft server is running on my computer.

There's plenty of things I have to do before the server becomes stable, but for now anyone who joins has operator powers, in order to quickly build a town. Just make sure to build it out of either stone, wood or cobble, so it blends in with the current houses we have.

Here's the server information:
IP Address:
- Running on Bukkit.
- Voxel and WorldEdit plug-ins enabled.
- Name Changing plug-in enabled.

Once MineCraft is running on a dedicated server, everyone will have their operator powers removed except for Affinity GM's who are also playing this server. After that gets settled out, we'll be official and start advertising our server on MineCraft sites.

If you haven't bought MineCraft yet, but you would still love to play, then follow these instructions:
1. Download MinecraftSP.exe:
2. Place it anywhere on your computer.
3. In the username box, type in whatever username you desire.
4. If you haven't updated your Minecraft to the latest version, then tick on "Force Update" option.
5. Click on the "Enter Game" button.
6. Click on the "Multiplayer" button and enter the server IP which is "".
7. And voila, you're in!

The downside about this that:
- You cannot change your skin.
- You'll get an annoyning water mark on the top left of your MineCraft client urging you to purchase the legit copy.

Anyways, if you have any questions, leave a post in this thread.


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Semi-Official Minecraft Server Empty Re: Semi-Official Minecraft Server

Post by goodling73 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:00 pm

Awesome we got a minecraft forum ^^

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