Silly_Putty69's Ban appeal

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Silly_Putty69's Ban appeal Empty Silly_Putty69's Ban appeal

Post by Silly_Putty69 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:25 pm

Why i was banned: Invasion of someone's property
Why I should be unbanned: I was digging underground in mines, when landed in someones house and began breaking the wall to get out. The owner of the house logged on and he was standing in front of me and reported me thinking I was robbing his house. Tran the owner asked me why I was in someone house, and I lied telling him "wtf srry my friend took my computer while I was in the bathroom and tried to get me banned" he soon figured out I was lying I said this out of rush and worry of getting banned while I did not have bad intentions.
Anything else I would like to say: none
I Silly_Putty69 humbly apologize for breaking rules and ask for your forgiveness, and I promise not to make this mistake again.

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