I'm gonna apply for this too!

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I'm gonna apply for this too!

Post by Xana on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:03 pm

Name: Xana/Peter/Jaewon

In-Game Name: Xana100/Jae (Xana)

Age: 15, turning 16 soon.

Gender: Male

Global Time Zone: EST (-5 GMT?)

Location: New York

Why do you want to be a forum moderator?: I want to keep the forum nice and tidy because it can be really confusing if there is random stuff everywhere. I also want to enforce the rules because some forums are just... Eek because of the lack of rule enforcement. Also, a couple of forums have mods that are pretty much working machines, not conversing with the other members and sometimes other staff members. I want to be the (not so exact) opposite. I would work, but at the same time be friendly and talk with others.

Briefly describe your feelings towards people who break the rules?: Well I really expect the people I have known on affinity for a while to know how to post here, so I expect a lot from them. For the people I have not really known, I really will not bash on them if it happens just once. I would just tell them to read the rules if they did not (but they really should) and maybe go more in depth if they still do not understand. If it happens again, then I would get kinda annoyed. They should have known by now that they should not have done that. If it happens again... I would not be happy...

Describe with detail how active you are on the forums: On the affinity forums, I check up almost everyday to about 3-4 days a week. I stay on for usually 15 minutes to an hour each day so I can check up on new stuff and hang out with friends. Hell, sometimes I stay on for half the day. This forum will probably be the same, maybe for even longer.

What can you contribute to the community, the forums, and the staff members?: Well...

-Community: I will talk to anyone if they need to talk and be a friend to everyone. I will make sure nothing bad ends up happening here, because it will be a pain both for me and the person(s) doing something wrong.

-Forums: I will keep it so that it looks awesome and professional-ish. I will not allow necroposting unless it is an important thread, make no spam in the non-spam sections, have a spam clean-out every 2-3 weeks, and allow no double-posting.

-Staff Members: I will make sure that the forum will be nice and tidy while you guys handle your stuff. I am pretty sure you all have a ton to worry about...

Have you had any forum moderating experience? If so, please list your examples: None, zip, nada. I should be able to get the gist of it fairly quickly though.


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Re: I'm gonna apply for this too!

Post by Tran on Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:23 pm

Rejected due to the following reason.
- The answers of to the questions were poorly answered. Applicant wasn't showing passionate behavior on why he wanted the position.

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