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DarkenStrike's Architect App

Post by DarkenStrike on Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:57 am

Mike Galos

IGN (In Game Name):



Riverside, California

Global Time Zone:
(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Experiences outside the server:
I mostly go on my own server which is mainly private since all my IRL friends play on it.
We mostly free build structures and devices but i'm not that kind of person who builds homes or etc. I'm an community builder i can make mob traps(either passive or active), generators, hell i can try to make a casino(depends on what to gamble)

Experiences on the server:
I haven't been on the server that much but i'm in progress on making an active falling mob trap that's outside my backyard of my house waiting to be finished. I also have been testing on an x-ray machine which is just basically two sticky pistons and a block next to it squishing you through the block next to you so your enable to see what's underground but that failed since there's that big TNT explosion in front of the house.Lastly there was that simple cobblestone generator but i'm trying to clock the speed of the piston so it can keep pushing one cobblestone everytime you mine it.

Any example of your work:
None at the moment i haven't taken pictures due to a crappy computer

I want to mainly help the community on food and supplies and this was in my perspective because there's no pigs, cows, nor chickens spawning outside of town(Only a tiny population) so i thought of mob traps to help it, same goes for the supplies -- arrows mainly for ammo, string materials for arrows, bones obviously for farming, gunpowder helpful in caves.

Why should we choose you?
Make things more easier than they suppose to be just like the Industrial Rev. but less pollution.

Additional Details:
There is none


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