Okami and Tronic

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Okami and Tronic

Post by Steven on Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:06 am


This is an amazing texture pack. I cannot express it enough. If you're not running into the "out of memory" error, highly highly recommended. It does require the patcher, and I wouldn't recommend using it with TooManyItems, as it's hard to locate items if you're not used to them. If you're starting out a new world as I was, DO USE.

Another one, which I used in ye olden days, is Tronic Revamped. It's similar to the default Texture, but it's more futuristic and block-y. Much less going on, and a lot easier for "less-experienced" players. Also helps be laid back, I suppose.


Please don't ask for screenshots, they're on the post.

Mod List:

List of mods I try to use/am currently using.
Almost all of Risugami's Mods (Pretty okay, mostly used for other mods.)
Almost all of Zombe's Mods (Godsend. The best. Add TMI, SET FOR ALL ETERNITY.)
SinglePlayerCommands (Scarcely, it's a bit challenging.)
Pokemobs (I have yet to use it, as I always get clashes. Saw a video, pretty amazing.)
Millenaire (Eh. I like the concept, but since we have a server, it's a bit useless. On the other hand, essential for Single Player.)
Portal Gun (Amazing mod, but really for the sake of having the portals. Zombe's mods outshine this quite a bit.)
Level Up! (Nice touch to Single Player.)
Recipe Book (Nice to have at hand in conjunction with other mods. However, that's what TMI is for, right?)
TooManyItems (Item Spawner, Amazing, Essential.)
GuiAPI (Some mods want it.)
ModLoaderMP (Some mods want it.)
Dr. Zhark's Mo' Creatures (I personally don't like the textures of some of the animals, but it's a great mod.)

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